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Chris Brown Arrested After Alleged Rihanna Assault

February 9, 2009 11 comments

Now I’m not usually a celebrity gossip pundit and I don’t really follow most of it that closely, so much so that I didn’t even know that Chris Brown and Rihanna were dating (I know, I know, shame on me and whatnot) but I accidentally came across this piece of news. According to NY Daily Times:

R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested Sunday night by Los Angeles cops for allegedly beating up a woman, and insiders identified the victim as his superstar girlfriend Rihanna.

Sources said Brown beat sexy singer Rihanna, 20, after they fought in his car following a pre-Grammys party.

“She got out of the car to walk home. He got out to stop her,” said a source. “Things got physical. He hit her, possibly more than once. She had multiple bruises.” [NYDailyNews]

Damn! Who would’ve thought that cute little 16yold kid behind “Run It” was a woman-beater? Really that is horrific and deplorable, hitting a woman is one of the most disgusting things a man (not a real man obviously) could do and I hope Chris Brown rots in jail for it.

It should be noted that he apparently turned himself in complied “politely” with police. Good on him and his $50,000 worth of posted bail. That bastard.