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Don’t Ban The Can

There’s a bunch of stuff I should probably blog about but I’m going to drip through it slowly (if I can be bothered at all, been terribly lazy and there’s still The Zeitgeist Politics and all that). There’s also my very late entrance into the world of Gossip Girl. Yes people, 2 and a bit seasons later, I’ve finally found the time to watch it… and get addicted. Season 1 Ep 5 right now, getting there getting there. Oh yeah and there’s that study thing…. but anyway….

Went to an interesting event the other week, Don’t Ban The Can in Croft Alley. The organisation is basically based around promoting legitimate street art and graffiti and trying to prevent it from being banned or criminalised (or reversing bans & criminalisations where they are). The event went down in Melbourne’s Croft Alley, the rubbish-strewn, smelly alley many people know as home to The Croft Institute.

The event included live painting, tutorials, a DJ, a sausage sizzle, Croft-sponsored Coopers & lots of good times. Here are some happy snaps of some of the artists in action:

The day was awesome but because of all the people milling around and all of the unfinished (partly finished, nearly finished, in the process of being finished) works of art, Lainie & I decided to head back the next day and see how it all looked without the people and the weed smoke in the air. Here’s the product of that excursion:

So the can has not yet been banned, a dark, smelly little alley has been transformed into a dark, colourful, smelly little alley, and after all that, I’m sure that smooth but dangerous surgeon, Doctor Croft is laughing even harder

  1. September 25, 2009 at 3:39 am

    Jeepers, you beat me to it. On the other hand, I now feel absolved from all responsibilities to update my blog with photos of the event.

  2. alexlobov
    September 25, 2009 at 3:51 am

    Oh come now I’m sure your big DSLR powered photos will be much better than my puny point + shoot’s, that and your supreme professional ‘artist’ photo-taking abilities. Come now. 😛

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